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Growing Plants

What do we stand for?

What does it mean to grow together? We think it means different things to different people. What do you think?

Here are a few things it means to us here at Growing Together Cornwall:

  • We think people can continue to grow throughout their lives 

  • We think people grow best in the conditions that are right for them

  • We are pretty sure that people grow best when they're together

  • We think people and plants have a lot of these things in common!


Our aim is simple. We want to bring people together through gardening.

We don't have a community garden. We don't have a set group of people we work with. Other people do a brilliant job at those things (and you can find out more about them and their awesome projects from our People Page

What really matters to us is people. We are confident (and scientists agree) that people thrive when they are together, People have a better understanding of each other when they share time, space and purpose together. People have so much to give to each other and so much to learn from each other. 

We want to do whatever it takes to get people together and we happen to think gardens and gardening are a great way to do that. 

So, let's start growing together. 

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