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it's what we do

When you love growing, you love life. We think that growth can happen in many ways. There's the obvious and external - a sunflower seedling emerges and reaches upwards, following the sun as it tracks across the sky each day. We humans grow upwards (and outwards) but our most important growing is often invisible. We believe that just as plants respond to nutrients, water and sunshine, so humans become stronger and healthier in the right conditions. So, that's what we do. We grow - plants and humans. 


it's how we do it

Has there ever been a time when we needed to be together more urgently? The irony did not escape us that the year Growing Together Cornwall CIC started, a pandemic threw us all into isolation. Perhaps not the best time to start a company devoted to bringing people together. Or, perhaps, the best possible moment! Growing Together Cornwall CIC is dedicated to growing not only plants and people, but communities. We believe that gardens and growing are great experiences to share. We had a few thoughts along these lines. We all need food to grow, perhaps it's time we all grew food, together. We don't all have the same resources. How can we find ways to make growing together simple and fun? Do some people really have 'green fingers' or can a gardener grow? We are confident these ideas are best explored together. Why not join us?


it's where we're to

We are based in the village of St Agnes in glorious Cornwall. This is where we created our first project, St Agnes Sunflower Festival and where we distributed sunflower kits to over 550 households throughout the parish along with over 20,000 sunflower seeds. We had a feeling others would want a bit more sunshine in their lives and we weren't wrong. In 2022 we are collaborating with Newquay Renaissance Project to fill Newquay with sunny blooms. Our work with The National Dahlia Collection, based at The Kehelland Trust, has seen our bespoke learning materials distributed to schools across Cornwall along with free dahlia tubers. In the coming months we will be launching our National Lottery funded, Let's Get Growing! We will be working at Boscawen Farm, St Agnes Youth Club and with the catering staff at The St Agnes Hotel (ah, come on - you can't begrudge us the odd pub) where we will be working with internationally renowned C&T to create fantastic digital resources to help people across Cornwall grow their own food. So, you can see we are reaching out across Cornwall and our work doesn't stop there. This year our director and founder, Tom Knight, has been asked to contribute to a national campaign by the RNLI to encourage people to 'grow yellow' in support of their vital lifesaving operations throughout the UK and Ireland. We are keen to hear from potential partners in Cornwall, the UK and beyond. Let's grow together, wherever! 

So please, get in touch!

Learn a bit more...

GTC founder Tom was recently interviewed for BBC Radio Cornwall.

Tom Knight founder of GTC at BBC Radio Cornwall
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