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This garden has a world of pleasures in't ~ William Shakespeare

Wild Flowers
The pressure is on to climb the league tables and Ofsted just called to say they'll be popping by for a chat. Your teachers are exhausted and your students are stressed.
What your school needs is a garden!

We understand the pressures that schools face to get results and balance the books. A school garden may be way down on your to-do list but it might be just what you need. We know that stress is a major inhibitor of learning. Sadly, the mental and physical well being of our children (and teachers) seems to be taking a bashing. A school garden offers a place to collaborate, communicate and to create. From design to environmental science, pastoral care to physical well being, a school garden is a place for authentic and life long learning. We have over 25 years experience in educational and community projects in the UK, Africa and Asia. Here are some of the things we could do for you:


  • Help you to source funding

  • Work with your students to design your garden

  • Choose appropriate tools and materials

  • Source best quality plants from local growers

  • Place and plant the garden with your students

  • Develop curricula with the garden as a focus

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Let's get together and grow!