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Cornwall Sunflower Festival

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors at South West Seeds, Growing Together Cornwall CIC is delighted to open our Sunflower Festival to the whole of Cornwall! 

Here at Growing Together Cornwall CIC our mission is to bring people together through gardens and gardening. COVID-19 nearly scuppered our plans, but we have been thinking long and hard about how to bring people together at a time when we can't ACTUALLY bring people together. Well, COVID-19 hasn't got Cornwall beat. We've come up with a plan and our friends at South West Seeds have agreed to help.


We want the whole of Cornwall to come together in the shared endeavour of growing sunflowers! We want to fill our beloved county with the spectacular sight of thousands of these symbols of sunshine. COVID-19 might have us in lockdown, but the people of Cornwall will not give up! We will Grow Together!

Growing Together Cornwall will be on hand to help you get growing. You will be given access to our special website.  We are working on some fab online resources to help you plant and grow your sunflowers including video tutorials, fun activities, learning resources and a place to share your own sunflower stories. 


All you'll pay is £1 to cover the cost of delivery and South West Seeds will send you your very own packet of seeds. Once you have signed up you will be taken to SWS where you can claim your seeds.


What are you waiting for? Let's Grow Together!