growing GTC

We love people and Cornwall has some awesome people to love. 
Growing a company requires just the right conditions but that's not enough. You need the right ideas, knowledge, skills and expertise.
Meet our wonderful Board of Directors.
Louise Danks 
is an experienced horticulturalist and educator. Currently, she is Learning and Content Manager at the Royal Horticultural Society, Louise is graduate of the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and Chelsea gold medallist. Louise is also the curator of the National Dahlia Collection at Kehelland.
Ian Dean
is Deputy Director of Finance at Cornwall NHS Trust, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). 
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Tom Knight
is an educator and gardener. Having founded Growing Together Cornwall CIC in 2019, Tom found a global pandemic and a cancer diagnosis a little disruptive but certainly not enough to stop his passion for growing and people. Tom has taught in Malawi and China, before which he was an actor and a pyrotechnician.
Kate MacArthur 
is an experienced youth worker with a particular interest in encouraging young people to explore outdoors. Kate is the founder and director of the youth organisation, West Steren CIC.
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Dave Ruse
is a former British and England team kayaking champion and recently retired arborist. Dave is a published author having written a number of guides to kayaking and water activities for young people. He has led youth expeditions to 50 countries including Siberia, Iceland and Nepal. Would you believe it, Dave made one of the original Daleks for the BBC Dr. Who series!